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To School and Back

By Mary Hobbs-Smith             from those around
                                All would agree stepping in
The rumbling of the city bus    droppings is unpleasant
is something                    But it’s hard to avoid them
I’ve grown accustomed to:       without
Town gossip between those       Going outside your normal walk
From two different sides of     cycle
the neighborhood                I make it inside the building of
Sleepless children wailing      My first class of the day
After being scolded by par-     I can always find solace in art
ents to stay seated             The dreary outside contrasts to
Fellow students silently wait-  the liveliness of the room
ing to pull the                 Which, in turn, contrasts with
String to walk to be let off    my own dreary interior
at school                       Art allows me to express the
I look out the window right     dull in my work
before I pull the cord and      Dark blues on white canvas
Notice leftover piles of dirty  I confide myself to my dark
snow                            world until
Last night’s rain was unsuc-    The end of class, until
cessful in washing it away      I no longer feel dreary
Only leaving cold rain pud-     My next class takes me to his-
dles to be soaked up by         tory, it takes me to
Snow to become slush on         My history where those who
the sidewalks                   looked like me
I step off the bus and pro-     Were forced into cruel labor
ceed to play                    Because those who deemed
Impromptu hopskotch over        themselves superior
fresh bird droppings
Without receiving weird looks
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