Student's Rights & Responsibilities Quick Reference Guide

Student's Rights & Responsibilities Quick Reference Guide

It is each student's responsibility to be familiar with the information presented in the DACC Catalog, Student Handbook, college website, and college e-mail communications.  The policies and documents below can be found on our website at  Listed below are a few policies, procedures, laws, and services that we would like to highlight.  Links/offices are also provided for additional/detailed information.  Computer labs are available at DACC for students to view the policies online. Printed copies can be requested through the Information Office at 217-443-3222. DACC Academic Advisors can also advise students on the rules and regulations. In no case will a regulation be waived or an exception granted because a student is unaware of the policies/procedures noted in the sources mentioned above, or contend that they were not informed of, the regulations/ procedures.


Policy/Procedure/Service/Information For more Info, Call or Visit Phone Number

Academic Calendar

Admissions & Records (VH) 217-443-800

Accommodations for Students with Disabilities

Testing Center (CH-103)
Disability Services (CH-109)


Address Changes

Admissions & Records (VH) 217-443-8802

Anti-Harassment in Education Policy

Human Resources (VH) 217-443-8757

Attendance & Leave of Absence Policies

Admissions & Records (VH) 217-443-8800

Books (for classes)

Bookstore (LH) 217-443-8759

Campus Security Report

Registrar (VH) 217-443-8803

College Catalog

Admissions Office (VH) 217-443-8802


Vice President of Student Services (LH) 217-443-8746

Consumer/Student Information

Vice President of Student Services (LH) 217-443-8746

Copyright & Peer-to-Peer File Sharing

Vice President of Student Services (LH) 217-443-8746

DACC Curriculum Guides (Cert & Degree Requirements)

Academic Advisement & Counseling (LH) 217-443-8750

DACC Student ID & E-mail Communications

Computer & Network Services (TC) 217-443-8871

DACCnet Acceptable Use Policy

Internet System Administrator (TC) 217-443-8871

Degree Requirements

Academic Advisement & Counseling (LH) 217-443-8750

Disclosure of Private Mental Health (Policy & Form)

Admissions & Records (VH) 217-443-8800

Drop/Withdrawal Policy

Admissions & Records (VH) 217-443-8800

Drug Free Learning Environment/Policy on Alcohol & Drugs
Student Handbook:

Admissions & Records (VH) 217-443-8802

Drug Prevention & Education Programs

Asst. VP of Student Services (LH) 217-443-8593

Emergency Text Alert
Note: To opt out of alers, contact the VP of Student Services

Information Office (VH) 217-443-3222

Financial Aid: Student Aid, Loan Counseling, Private Loans

Financial Aid (VH) 217-443-8864

Financial Responsibility

Cashier/Accounts Receivable (VH) 217-443-8767

Gainful Employment Information (for Certificates) Click on GEA Info

Admissions (VH) or
Recruitment & Retention (LH)


Grade Changes & Disputes
*Should be done within 30 days of the end of the semester.

See Individual Instructors or appropriate Academic Dean


Grades & Grade Exclusion Policy

Records Office (VH) 217-443-8797

Help Desk

Computer Network Services Administrative Data Systems


Non-Discrimination Statement

Human resources Director (VH) 217-443-8756

Preventing & Reporting Sexual Violence/Misconduct

Human Resources (VH) or
VP of Studen Services (LH)


Residency Policy (effects tuition rates)

Admissions Office (VH) 217-443-8802

Scholarships (through DACC Foundation)

Foundation Office 217-443-8843

Scholastic Policies (Standards of Academic Progress)

Various Offices


Shopping Sheet (part of Jaguar Spot/New Self Service)

Financial Aid (VH) 217-443-8864

Student Code of Conduct

VP of Student Services (LH) 217-443-8746

Student Handbook

Enrollment Services (LH) 217-443-8746

Student Outcomes Data

Institutional Effectivness (CH) 217-443-8856

Students' Rights to Privacy

Admissions & Records (VH) 217-443-8800

Tobacco Free Campus Policy

VP of Student Services 217-443-8746

Transfer-In-Credit Policy

Records Office (VH) 217-443-8797

Transferring Credit from DACC

Advisement & Counseling (LH) 217-443-8750

Tuition & Fees/Financial Responsibility of Student

Cashier/Business Office (VH) 217-443-8767

Voters Registration Notice/Information

Dean of Student Services (LH) 217-443-8746