Lost and Found Service; Security

Lost and Found Service; Security


The College does not assume responsibility for personal property of the student. The Information Office (located on the first floor in Vermilion Hall, Room 109) and the Security Office (located on the lower level of Lincoln Hall, Room 007) maintain a lost and found service for misplaced property. Items found will be kept for 30 days. Students may fill out a missing item report online at https://www.dacc.edu/currentstudents/lost-and-found.


Campus security is provided 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The Security Office is located on the lower level of Lincoln Hall (Room 007), phone 217-443-8888 or extension 8888 for on-campus phones.

The Safety and Security Officer is responsible for taking the necessary steps in promoting and maintaining a safe environment for Danville Area Community College

  • Provide safety and security through parking and traffic enforcement and routine patrol.
  • Monitor and maintain security surveillance systems on campus.
  • Conduct safety drills.
  • Investigate incidents on campus and work with local law enforcement to resolve matters of criminal nature.
  • Investigate complaints from students and visitors of incidents occurring on campus and relay pertinent information through proper administration.
  • Work with alarm monitoring company and fire safety system providers to ensure system safety checks are current.
  • Provide safety escorts to students, faculty, staff, and visitors upon request.
  • Enforce Parking Rules and Regulations
  • Provide security for events on campus:
  • Provide customer service and assistance to staff, students, and visitors with vehicle problems: jump start cars; provide lock-out assistance; and assist with flat tires.

The Campus Security Report can be viewed online at https://www.dacc.edu/hr/campus-security-report. Students may also request a copy of the report through the Admissions Office, Financial Aid Office, or Security Office.