Complaints/Grievances Procedures

Complaints/Grievances Procedures

When a student of the DACC community experiences a situation or a conflict in which the student thinks his/her rights have not been fully recognized or have been compromised in some manner, the student may resolve the conflict or his/her perceived grievance by following the College’s process for the resolution of grievances. Grievances may be resolved on an informal basis or on a formal basis. Every attempt will be made to resolve grievances at the point of origin on an informal basis. However, students have the right to end the informal process at any time and begin the formal process which is also noted below.

Informal Resolution Process (Please Note: Students have the right to end the informal process at any time and begin the formal process.)

  1. Within 10 business days of the situation or conflict, the student must first contact and talk with the faculty or staff members with whom the student has the conflict or grievance and make every attempt in cooperation with the given faculty or staff member to resolve the issue.
  2. If the issue is not resolved to the satisfaction of the student at the point of origin within 5 business days, the student may contact and talk with the dean, director, or coordinator of the division, department or office in which the conflict occurred.
  3. If the issue is not resolved at the second level within 5 business days, the student should meet with the appropriate College Cabinet member who serves as the lead administrator over the area in which the issue originated. The lead administrator will investigate the matter and make a final determination in resolving the student issue.

At any level of the informal resolution process and when appropriate, a written communication should be prepared and delivered to the student by the college employee involved in the resolution of the issue which details the resolution or decision arrived at or in the case of disciplinary issues, the sanctions which have been imposed.

Due to the nature or the seriousness of some potential student complaints, such as a complaint of harassment, sexual misconduct, or knowledge of a serious conduct violation, the student is encouraged to bypass step one and two and immediately contact a lead administrator to report an issue. The Resolution Process Chart reflects issues that would be of a level of seriousness to warrant this action.

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