Career and Employment Services; Nontraditional Services

Career and Employment Services; Nontraditional Services


The Career and Employment Services Center is located in Cannon Hall, Room 213, assists students in making career and life planning choices. Students wishing assistance in the career choice or in gaining skills which will aid them in the job search process are encouraged to visit the Career Center. A wealth of career and job search information is available, including internet-based and computerized career guidance programs. Career and Employment Services also helps students with their full-time, part-time and seasonal employment needs, on and off campus; resume writing; interviewing skills; and appropriate, business-attire clothing. Services are designed to help DACC students acquire the skills necessary for successful job searching as well as connect students with potential employer contacts.

To schedule an appointment, please call 217-443-8597. Additional information can be found on the Career Services web pages at

Non-Traditional Career Services

A non-traditional career is defined as one where more than 75 percent of the workforce is of the opposite gender, or where less than 25 percent of the workforce is one gender. For women, many non-traditional careers fall into a few broad categories of jobs: labor-intensive, scientific/technical, and supervisory. However, fewer non-traditional careers are available for men than for women. Male non-traditional careers involve Nursing, Education, Human Services, etc. Non-traditional careers often experience a labor shortage, therefore careers in non-traditional degrees are beneficial for all students. DACC offers a wide array of services for Non- Traditional students including, but not limited to, assistance with career development, mentoring, resume writing, interviewing tools, and overall career services.

For more information and to access these services, contact Kellie McBride at 217-443-8597 or at Services are housed in the Career & Employment Services department in Cannon Hall, Room 213.