Cancellation of Classes; Complaints/Grievances Resolution Procedures

Cancellation of Classes; Complaints/Grievances Resolution Procedures


In the event of an emergency or severe weather conditions, every attempt will be made to post cancellation/closing announcements to the DACC website (, DACC employee and student email accounts, the DACC main switchboard (217-443-3222), and the Emergency Text Message Alert System before 6 am. These media are the official channels utilized by DACC to communicate with employees and students.

In the event of an emergency or severe weather conditions resulting in a facility closure, an announcement will be posted that, “DACC is CLOSED” and students and employees need not report to campus. If it is determined that snow removal and road conditions will permit safe travel later in the day, the College will announce a DELAYED START and will state a specific time that employees and students should report and classes should resume. In the event that weather necessitates “DACC is CLOSED” after the school day begins, all students and non-essential employees may go home.

Please note that users who have a mobile phone number on file in Colleague are automatically enrolled each August and must opt out to avoid receiving these messages. If your cell number is not on file, you may enroll on your own at:

While the College works diligently with local broadcast media to provide accurate and timely information, there exists a possibility for miscommunication or delay via third party. Notice will be given to select area broadcast media (noted below*) and will be posted on the College-managed FaceBook (Danville Area Community College and/or Dacc Danville) and Twitter (@DanvilleAreaCC) pages; however, none of these are official College communication channels. Messages received through these media should be confirmed via the official communication channels listed above.

Students are encouraged to listen to the following select area broadcast media for updates:

  • FM Radio: WDNL 102, WIXY 100.3, WLRW 94.5, K-Rock 94.9, WKZS 103.1
  • AM Radio: WDAN 1490, WITY 980
  • TV: WCIA – Channel 3, WICD-Channel 15, WTHI-Channel 10-Terre Haute


As members of the Danville Area Community College community, students have rights as well as responsibilities. Student rights and responsibilities are guaranteed by state and federal laws and by college policies. They serve to define student life and, concurrently, support a teaching and learning environment based on respect for all members of the campus community as well as regard for the property and facilities of the College.

Sometimes a student of the DACC community experiences a situation or a conflict in which the student thinks her/her rights have not been fully recognized or have been compromised in some manner. The student’s conflict may be with another student, a faculty or staff member, or with a college practice or procedure. When this occurs, it is said that the student has a complaint or a grievance. Again, student rights and responsibilities as defined through college procedures afford students a process by which to resolve a grievance. It is also important to note that the College forbids retaliation against anyone reporting or involved in a reported complaint/grievance. If any student feels that he/she has been retaliated against, he/she is to notify the College’s general complaint officer, the Vice President of Student Services, Stacy Ehmen at 217-443-8746 or the College’s Affirmative Action Officer, Jill Cranmore, Vice President of Human Services at 217-443-8756.

The College recognizes that a student who knows and fully understands his/her rights and responsibilities and abides by the expectations which are inherent within these rights and responsibilities, is a student who is prepared to fully take advantage of the learning experiences and other opportunities afforded him/her at Danville Area Community College. This information has been prepared in support of this concept. The following pages include an overview of student rights, student responsibilities, and the process whereby a student grievance may be resolved.

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