General Tutoring

General Tutoring

Room 103, Cannon Hall

The DACC Peer Tutoring Lab is open to all DACC students. Tutoring is offered in development and basic-level courses of Math, Science, and English, Psychology, and Computer Business. The Peer Tutors are also equipped to help students with skills and practice for Studying, Organization, Time Management, Test-Taking, and Note-Taking.

Courses tutored include:

  • DEVR 098/099 Developmental Reading Skills
  • DEVE 098/099 Developmental English Skills
  • DEVM 098/099/100 Developmental Mathematics
  • GSCI 100 Simply Science
  • MATH 101 Basic Algebra
  • CBUS 150 Business Computer Systems
  • Psychology 100 Intro to Psychology
  • Others as needed and per Tutor experience

Please note, all DACC Instructors have office hours where students can receive assistance outside the classroom.

Tutoring generally begins the second week of the Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters. Tutoring is available for walk-in students Thursday starting at 2:00, and by appointment Monday through Friday.

It is never too early to get extra help!