Tests & Quizzes

Tests & Quizzes

Helpful links:

  1. https://help.blackboard.com/Learn/Student/Tests_and_Surveys
  2. https://youtu.be/qztOnai9GZM

Where do I access tests and quizzes?

You can find the link for tests or quizzes on the left hand side on the menu in the course. The link may be called test or can be found in a weekly folder or learning module.

test menu

Taking a test or quiz

To take a test or quiz please follow these steps:

  1. select the test or quiz
  2. on the next page read the instructions for the test
  3. select Begin to take the test

Test instructions

On the test instructions you might see the description, instructions, wheather it is timed, multiple attempts, and force complete.

  • Multiple attempts - allow the test to be taken multiple times and will take the highest grade out of all the attempts.
  • Forced completion - auto submit the test once the time limit has been reached.
  • Timed test - when a test is timed once the test is started you will see a time remaining bar, showing the time you have left.

test instructions