Discussion board

Discussion board

Helpful links:

  1. https://youtu.be/vNMO-4I7uBI

Where to find the Discussion Board?

To access the discussion board simply click on the discussion board link on the course menu on the left hand side of your screen.

discussion board menu

Open the Discussion Board

Once you click on the link for the discussion board you should be taken to the main discussion board page, which will appear with a list of available discussion forums. On this page, you can perform these actions:

  1. Select a forum title to view the messages. Forum titles in bold contain unread posts.
  2. Select a forum to open the thread of posts.
  3. Select the number in the Unread Posts column for quick access to a forum's unread messages.

discussion board page

Reply to a thread

You can reply to published threads, but you can't reply to locked or hidden threads.

  1. Open a thread inside a forum.
  2. On the thread's page, you can view the text of the post and information, such as the author and posted date. All replies appear on the same page with the parent post.
  3. Point to the post to see options such as Reply, Quote, Edit, Delete, and Email Author. The Quote option includes the post's text as part of your reply. Select Reply. If you want to view only the unread posts in the thread, select Unread. The unread posts appear on one page.
  4. The page expands below the post you're responding to. You can view the post and access the editor.
  5. If needed, edit the Subject. Type your reply in the Message box. You can also attach a file.
  6. After the Message box, you can attach a file. Select Browse My Computer to upload a file from your computer. You may also be allowed to upload a file from the course's file repository: the Content Collection.
  7. Select Save Draft to store a draft of the post or select Submit to publish your reply.

discussion board thread reply

On the thread page, your reply appears at the end of the list. If you attached a file, a paper clip icon appears next to the post's title. If you used the Insert/Edit Image option, the image appears with the text.