Wendy Brown

Wendy Brown

Dr. Wendy Brown
Instructor, Microbiology/Biology

Office: MM 280
E-mail: wbrown@dacc.edu
Phone: 217-554-1516

Courses Taught:
BIOL 100-Life Science I
BIOL 101-Human Biology
BIOL 140-Microbiology
CHEM 105-Intro to Forensic Chemistry
GSCI 100-Simply Science

Wendy Brown

Educational Background
Ph.D Microbiology, Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR
B.S. Biology, University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh, WI
A.A. Valencia Community College, Orlando, FL

Teaching Philosophy
There are many different objectives to consider when describing my teaching philosophy. I believe an educator should strive to:

  1. provide a professional, yet non-intimidating environment that fosters a positive academic experience;
  2. examine individual goals and determine the best way to achieve them; present material in a way that promotes not only an understanding of the topic but also the ability to evaluate and apply the knowledge towards different situations;
  3. assess the students' understanding of the material and develop strategies to improve student learning;
  4. establish a connection with the science community outside of the classroom through seminars and outreach activities.


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