Stephanie Loveless

Stephanie Loveless

Stephanie Loveless
Instructor, Biology

Office: MM 282
Phone: 217-554-1518

Courses Taught:
BIOL 100-Life Science I
BIOL 102-Principles of Biology
BIOL 104-Zoology

Stephanie Loveless, Biology Instructor

Educational Background
M.S. Clemson University, Clemson, South Carolina
B.S. University of Southern Indiana, Evansville, IN

Teaching Philosophy
I think that teaching is a dynamic, fluid medium and it is important to find ever more effective ways to reach and motivate students. In an effort to achieve this I feel it is my duty as an instructor to continually reflect on my teaching, to incorporate new material, and make learning biology interesting to my students. Ultimately, I believe that teaching is a cooperative effort between teacher and student. I am a guide through the material, there to present information and aid in understanding; the students should be active participants, assimilating the information in class and lab as well as studying the material outside of the classroom.