Quan Chen

Quan Chen

Quan Chen
Professor, Physics/Math

Office: MM 274
E-mail: qchen@dacc.edu
Phone: 217-554-1515

Courses Taught:
MATH 101-Basic Algebra
MATH 110-Computer Science
MATH 111-College Algebra
MATH 114-Trigonometry
MATH 130-Calculus & Analytic Geometry II
MATH 140-Calculus & Analytic Geometry III
MATH 211-Differential Equations
PHYS 101-Physics-Mechanics/Sound/Heat
PHYS 102-Physics-Electricity/Light
PHYS 108-Physics-Wave Motion
PHYS 152-Applied Mechanics-Statics
PHYS 211-Applied Mechanics-Dynamics

Quan Chen

Educational Background
Ph.D.  Mechanical Engineering,  Clarkson University
M.S. Math/Physics, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
B.S. Mechanical Engineering, Zhejiang University

Teaching Philosophy

I believe that a college education is one object with two sides.  On one side are the students, who need to spend about twice the course credit hours per week reading the textbook, doing the homework and preparing the exams.  On the other side is the teacher, who will work very hard to solve the examples and homework problems by using different approaches.

Prospective college transfer bound students should realize the fundamental differences between high school, college, and graduate school. In high school, students usually use "dependent" study methods where all the information is provided by their teacher. In college, students usually use "independent" study methods, but their teacher must know the solutions of every problem studied. In graduate school, students usually use "completely independent" study methods, while their teachers usually only know some directions of the problem studied.

For pre-engineering, math and computer courses, I don't believe there is any magic teaching philosophy.  I feel exercise and practice is the key to success.  As the instructor, I will play the role of a coach, leading students to exercise, practice and move forward in the right direction.  I will be available to answer questions in class, in my office and through e-mail at any time.