Writing Center

Writing Center


We will be open August 24-December 14 this fall.

8:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday
7:00 PM - 8:00 PM
8:00 AM - 1:00 PM

We will have asynchronous conferences via GMail and synchronous video chat conferences via Google Hangouts.  Students who wish to set up an appointment for either should contact us for more information at thewritingcenter116@gmail.com.


Who: The Writing Center staff is comprised of  Rhetoric and Composition faculty and professional staff members who specialize in collaborating with students on different kinds of academic and professional writing. Marla Jarmer is the director.

What: Students can receive help with a variety of writing and research related tasks.  They can meet with staff members for a face-to-face conference, use Google Chat for a video conference, or use their DACC Gmail accounts for our FBE (Feedback-by-Email) program. 

The sessions can cover  a variety of topics. For example, the staff can help with the following,

  • Developing a thesis statement
  • Organizing and supporting main ideas
  • Locating and correcting surface errors
  • Correcting major errors, such as fragments, run-ons, agreement, or verb tense
  • Documenting a research paper in either APA or MLA style

The Writing Center also provides students with hardcopy and digital resources to enhance their understanding of a variety of academic writing and research tasks. 

Students may use the lab to work on assignments, for a quiet study area, or for small group work.  Some instructors also send their students to the Writing Center to make up tests.  Students needing to make up an assignment for a class should check in with the staff member on duty in CT 116 they  arrive.

When: The Writing Center opens the second week of each spring and fall semester and remains open until final exams begin. It is also open during the seven week summer session.  If DACC classes are canceled, then the Writing Center will be closed. The Center is also closed during any school holidays and vacations where students are not required to attend classes.

Students who would like to use the FBE program should submit a request for more information about that program to thewritingcenter116@gmail.com. In their email, they should include their name, the class they are enrolled in, and their instructor’s name as well as explicitly request instructions for FBE program. The general response time for feedback through this program is 1-3 business days after all needed materials are received by the Writing Center.

Other special kinds of help are offered:

Writing Center Blog: https://thewritingcenter116.wordpress.com/

Handouts: Students can pick up handouts about many writing related topics, such as using research material, paraphrasing, summarizing, outlining, proofreading, taking essay exams, and using commas correctly. Sometimes, students receive handouts related to material being covered in a one-on-one session.


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