Philosophy and Goals

Philosophy and Goals

Health Information Technology

Philosophy and Program Goals
The Health Information Technology Department at Danville Area Community College strives to become the recognized leader in providing quality, innovative education in Health Information Technology which meets or exceeds competencies of the American Health Information Management Association and needs of the community of interest.


  • Achieve and maintain accreditation standards developed by American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) and accreditation by Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health education Programs (CAAHEP).
  • Provides an environment that encourages and challenges students to strive for excellence.
  • Espouse the state-of-the-art in Health Information Management.
  • Promotes team-work with all health care professionals.
  • Provides the latest in electronic Health Information Management (E.HIM) in course syllabi and to the Community of Interest.

The purpose of this program is to prepare students with the skills, and knowledge to meet the entry-level domains as health information technicians in a variety of health care and non-health care settings. Students will be provided with appropriate education in health information technology and general education courses necessary to begin a career maintaining,collecting, and analyzing data that is vital to the delivery of health care. Graduates will have the needed knowledge to become experts in managing patient information, computer information systems, and coding for health care use using the appropriate nomenclature.

  1. To provide a curriculum of high quality that prepares the students with the educational basis needed to meet the entry-level companies.
  2. To provide the needed resources (curriculum, software, computers, facilities, equipment, supplies, and learning resources-library, instructional aids) as identified by AHIMA, the community of interest, and students.
  3. To increase enrollment and retention of students in the Health Information Technology Program.
  4. To produce students of high quality who achieve the entry-level competencies.
  5. To provide supervised professional practice experience that reinforces learning experience and the community of interest needs.
  6. To produce students who demonstrate professional and ethical behavior in the workplace.
  7. To produce graduates who demonstrate critical thinking abilities.
  8. To assist the students in making the transition from student to professional by providing career information regarding opportunities for employment in the community.
  9. To provide an educational opportunity of the community of interest, and in particular, for employees currently in the HIM field opportunities.
  10. To provide graduates who possess the skills required by the Community of Interest.
  11. Faculty members will demonstrate current knowledge and expertise in areas taught.
  12. To retain faculty members who are involved in ongoing education and professional growth.

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