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Test Proctor Form-pdf

Test Proctor Form- Google Form

  1. Please have the Test Proctor Form for each student in the Testing Center at least 1 day before the start date listed on your instructions. If you prefer the student to complete a paper exam, please email the exam to assess@dacc.edu
  2. Please complete a copy of the Test Proctor Form for each test. We need to know, start and end dates the test is available, the time allowed for the test, and how you would like us to return the test to you. We also need you to
    indicate if this student is receiving accommodations. Please give us your whole class instructions only. We have the information necessary to make the accommodation adjustments. If a student does not agree with the instructions
    on the checklist they will need to have permission from the instructor to test (i.e.: last date to take the test or use of notes).
  3. Please notify your students that they must schedule an appointment to take an exam after you have sent and we have received the exam. This will ensure students have gotten approvals, we have the correct test prepared for
    test day, there is not any delay between having the test and the students arrival, and ensures we can maintain our schedule when the student does arrive. They should call the Testing Center at 443-8708 or schedule online
    at https://ww.dacc.edu/depts/assess. To eliminate any confusion and to ensure a student receives the correct exam WE WILL NOT allow walk-in situations any longer. Due to Covid, we have restricted appointment to 9:00, 11:00, 1:00 or 3:00 daily. Evening appointments can be accommodated per individual request.
  4. Please inform your students that they will be required to show a current picture ID at the time they take each exam. We will remind them of this when they call to schedule an appointment.
  5. Students will be required to leave books, book bags, coats, etc., in a designated area, so please specify on the Test Proctor Form if students are allowed to use calculators, books, dictionaries, etc.
  6. Due to the controlled environment of the testing area, students who are testing are the only persons allowed in the Testing Center testing areas during an exam. Students will not be allowed to bring children, family or friends with them while they test.
  7. All testing areas and rooms are monitored by camera surveillance and Testing Center staff constantly. Students who violate standards of academic integrity will have their test, any books, notes or other material immediately confiscated and notification of the incident will be made.
  8. Please be sure to indicate how you would like to have the completed tests returned to you (campus mail or pick up). If you want your test sent by campus mail it must be indicated on the Test Proctor Form. If you have any questions or concerns please contact the Testing Center.

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