Computer Network & End User Services

Computer Network & End User Services

Director, Information Technology:
Mark Barnes
Technology Center
Room 137D

Computer and Network Specialist:
Naomi Yonke
Technology Center
Room 137A

Computer & Network Technician:
Vince Frost
Technology Center
Room 137B

Network Administrator/Integration Specialist:
Brian Pollitt
Technology Center
Room 137D

The Computer Network and End User Services department installs and maintains all computer and network hardware and software at DACC (with the exceptions of the Datatel management information system, managed by Administrative Data Systems, and our web site and Blackboard, managed by Online Learning & Services).

This includes the following:

  • Over 1200 workstations used by employees and students on campus and on our satellite sites

  • Network servers providing a variety of services, including file servers for both students and employees

  • The Cisco wired network with switches in 27 data closets covering 12 buildings and 3 satellite sites

  • The Cisco wireless network with 60 access points across campus

  • Internet Services

  • The E-mail system for both students and employees

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