General Education Electives (AAS) (AGS)

General Education Electives (AAS) (AGS)

Associate in Applied Science (AAS)
Associate in General Studies (AGS)
(Non-Transferable Degrees)
General Education Electives

(unless specified by the major)
Courses in bold/italic type meet the Human Relations content requirement.

AAS and AGS General Education Electives
AAS and AGS General Education Electives

For AAS: In addition to the 3 hours in Communications and 3 hours in Science and Math, an additional 9 hours of General Education coursework must be completed from any of the above general education categories and courses.

For AGS: Students must complete 3 hours in Social Science, 3 hours in Humanities/Fine Arts, and an additional 3 hours in either Social Science or Humanities/Fine Arts for a total of 9 hours.

* A Human Relations course is required for graduation
** Success in College is required for graduation for all first time degree-seeking students.

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