Vermilion County Facts

Vermilion County Facts

If you’re looking to find one of America’s great communities, Vermilion County is the place for you.

Vermilion County in east-central Illinois combines the rural majesty of American agriculture with the small-town charm of Main Street, U.S.A.

The County seat, Danville, Illinois, may well stake the claim to being America’s friendliest mini-city. Danville’s 33,000 citizens enjoy all of the amenities of a big city but without the traffic snarls and in-your-face hassle of a major metropolis. The City boasts a minor-league baseball park that dates back to the days of Jackie Robinson and the Brooklyn Dodgers. An indoor sports arena hosts minor-league hockey and year-long events ranging from galas to the City’s legendary “Festival of Trees.” Danville has a municipal bus system, a boat club on a majestic lake, golf courses, hospitals and medical centers, a world-class community college, a symphony orchestra, museums, an annual festival of hot-air balloons, an airport, a municipal band, and a number of professional arts groups that perform plays and musicals all year round.

Business and industry is alive and flourishing in Danville. A wide variety of retail stores and more than thirty manufacturing companies continue to thrive in the City and in the town of Hoopeston, which is located in the northern part of Vermilion County.

Outside of Danville, scattered among the 900 square miles of Vermilion County, are a half dozen small towns, each featuring a sublime slice of Americana with a quintessential main street, post office, gas station, ice-cream parlor, and warm and welcoming residents. Along the serene and verdant horizon surrounding these towns are what may arguably be the nation’s most productive corn and soybean farms. Crops spring forth from the magical soil of glacier-forged fields.

We understand that one of the most important decisions about where to live is making sure your children and family are in the right place. In Vermilion County, the system of education – from childcare and Pre-K, to 24 elementary schools and 12 high schools, to higher education and training – is award winning and remarkably extensive for a community of our size. We are nationally recognized for our collaborations at all educational levels. Employers are active partners with education to ensure our students are prepared for a global economy.

The County has a community college, Danville Area Community College or DACC, with a beautiful campus in Danville and a learning center in the town of Hoopeston. DACC offers career, healthcare, and technical training leading to jobs in more than 30 fields and industries. The College’s transfer programs enable students to earn an associate degree and then complete a bachelor’s degree at virtually any of the nation’s top universities, including local favorites like the University of Illinois, Purdue University, Indiana State University, and Eastern Illinois University. DACC has a partnership with Franklin University for residents to earn an affordable bachelor’s degree or an MBA without leaving Danville. DACC also has a partnership with Lakeview College of Nursing, which is also in Danville and provides a bachelor’s degree in nursing.

Did we mention the winery? What about our spectacular Lake Vermilion, which sits at the center of Danville to the delight of boaters and water-sport aficionados? Maybe you’d like to hear about Kennekuk and Kickapoo, the two Vermilion County wildlife preserves that delight bikers, hikers, and campers? And what about mansion-lined Vermilion Street, a favorite parade route for flag-waving residents?

If you’ve never been to Danville and Vermilion County, Illinois, you’re missing out on something great.